Judge tries to silence ilhan Omar’s victim but she’s having none of it

After Superior Court Judge Darlene Soltys had just applauded Beth and Tim Mynett for reaching a divorce settlement amicably but Beth Mynett spoke up.



“[Through] extensive documentation and his own words, Tim acknowledged he has been engaged in an extramarital romantic relationship with Ilhan Omar, which proceeded and precipitated the divorce,” Beth Mynett, a doctor and mother, said.


But Tim Mynett and his lawyer seemed stunned by Beth Mynett’s sudden speech and immediately asked that she stop.

“I’m almost finished,” said Beth Mynett, who filed for divorce in August in bombshell court papers alleging her marriage fell apart because Tim Mynett fell in love with Omar while working for her and had carried on an extramarital affair with the freshman Democrat.


She went on to say she was “devoted” to her marriage and her husband indeed had “happiness” during their 13 years together and seven years of marriage. But her speech was cut short after mentioning Tim Mynett’s alleged affair with Omar.


The judge broke up the speech and called the attorneys for both Mynetts to the bench and put on sound to drown out their conversations. Then the court hearing abruptly ended without a formal announcement of adjournment.

Tim Mynett worked for Omar and his business, E Street Group, got $370,000 of her campaign funds, according to The New York Post, which broke the news of the initial divorce filing.



Conservative watchdogs have filed campaign finance complaints against Omar seeking a probe into whether she used the campaign funds to rendezvous with her alleged lover.



Omar filed for divorce from her husband in October and blamed the media and political foes for killing her marriage.


Both parties left with their lawyers and declined comment. A court clerk came into the hallways afterward with paperwork looking for the Mynetts but was surprised to find them already long gone.

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