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DNC Chairman Tom Perez SLAMS Joe Biden

Just National Committee director Tom Perez said the longing to get hypothetical Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s Senate records is “like the Hillary messages” in light of the fact that “there was nothing there.”


Perez’s Sunday comments on “This Week” came as ABC correspondent Martha Raddatz got some information about previous Senate staff member Tara Reade’s rape charges against Biden and the way that the University of Delaware has “disregarded” the individuals who have approached a quest for Reade’s name in the records.


“Your interchanges executive has called that thought ‘silly.’ Why?” Raddatz inquired.


“There’s been such a significant number of examinations of the VP. The most far reaching examination of the VP was the point at which he was confirmed by Barack Obama in 2008,” Perez reacted. “I know about the bad habit presidential screening process. They take a gander at every little thing about you. They took a gander at the whole history of Joe Biden, his whole vocation. Also, I’ll let you know, if Barack Obama had any sign that there was an issue, Barack Obama would not have had him as his VP. Barack Obama trusted Joe Biden. I trust Joe Biden and those examinations have been finished.”


After the DNC executive proceeded to clarify that “strategy archives” and “addresses” are in those records, not faculty matters, Raddatz again squeezed with an inquiry regarding doing a basic quest for “Tara Reade.”

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